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Visual, Mechanical, Electrical Inspection and

Static Water Level. (Included with all tests below)

Potability (Present/Absent of Total Coliform and

E Coli.) Reported in 24-48 Hours.


2-Hour Flow Test with Potability (Bacterial)


4-Hour Flow Test with Potability (Bacterial)


Additional fees will apply.

2-Hour Flow Test (Monday through Friday)


Homeowner Package with Lead & Copper First Draw. Reported in 5-7 Days.



Sample Package


Well Testing & Inspections





4-Hour Flow Test (Monday through Friday)

24-Hour Flow Test (Monday through Friday)

Potability (Ouantitray/Most Probable Number) Reported in 24-48 Hours.


Water Quality & Potability Testing

Homeowner Package. Reported in 5-7 Days.

Homeowner Package RUSH. Reported in 2-3 Days.

Inspection and yield tests include a written report based upon visual evaluation of the condition of above ground well equipment, flow test results, and disinfection of lines prior to reconnection.

well inspections & flow testing


Our comprehensive Homeowner's Package includes: Alkalinity, Arsenic, Boron, Calcium, Chloride, Electrical Conductivity, Fluoride, Iron, Magnesium, manganese, Nitrate, pH, Silica, Sodium, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Hardness and Zinc.


Potability samples can be collected Monday through Friday, only. Holidays excluded.


24-Hour Flow Test with Potability (Bacterial)


Sample Package